Services Overview

The following overview is to help familiarize the client with the choices a therapist makes for which technique(s) to use. The massage therapist may use more than one of the massage techniques in a single session depending upon the client’s need and what’s appropriate.

Relaxation Massage (Swedish)

A medium pressure massage consisting of long strokes, kneading, stretching, soothing and relaxing. Massaging toward the heart.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, to better align the body. It focuses on deeper tension.

Sports Massage

This type of massage is ideal while in training for or after a sporting event. Sports Massage consists of a vigorous massage working major muscle groups, stretching, compression, and friction. It also helps release tension and lactic acid buildup.

Myofascia Release/Cupping Massage

This massage involves working with the connective tissue, gentle, stretching and pulling to release tension. This can increase range of motion and improve circulation.

Trigger Point Therapy

This massage uses concentrated pressure on a point of tension. It’s held anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes in order to release the tension point.

Corporate/Special Event Chair Massage

This massage is performed on-site with a massage chair. The client remains fully dressed for the massage. There is no better gesture a company can make to improve morale then to show they care about the health and well being of their employees, plus this can improve productivity… What a deal.


This consists of massage and point work on the feet. We spend alot of time on our feet, massage helps with the tired, the aches, and the pains. Treat your feet kindly.


30 Minute Massage $40

Perfect as a way to break up your day. Quick enough to do on your lunch break.

60 Minute Massage $80

This is my most requested massage.

90 Minute Massage $115

This is the ultimate experience for body and mind.

The therapist is always on time. We will get you in so you don’t feel rushed and you can continue on with your day. If you need to cancel, please give at least 24 hrs. notice.